Connecting People with that land that sustains us

  • Support OLT investing in our quality of life.
  • Our education programs connect people to the land.
  • OLT protects the healthy lands and
    clean waters that sustain us.
  • Future generations depend on
    healthy lands and clean waters.
  • OLT’s public access lands are open to all.


Youth Take Over Fly Tying Workshop
One fly, two fly, three fly, more!  That was nothing for Lucian Lytel of Cooperstown - Lucian, with instruction from his father, Ron, and fly tie workshop leader, Craig Buckbee, created hand fulls of fishing flies Friday night.
"All Things Small in Nature" Photo Contest Winners!
Snail on logThe “All Things Small in Nature” photo contest held by Otsego Land Trust and co-sponsored by Butternut Valley Alliance concluded at the end of 2013. Over 150 photos were submitted in three categories: Youth, Amateur, and Professional.
OLT Looks Forward to a Successful New Year
Wetlands for wildlifeOtsego Land Trust Looks Forward to a Successful New Year Protecting Land and Water Otsego Land Trust brings 2013 to a close with the protection of more healthy lands and clean waters that sustain us all and looks forward to more community conservation and education in 2014.

Programs & Events

OLT Partners with local artist Bob Schneider
OLT partners with local artist, Bob Schneider, in an event to raise funds for OLT's land protection mission.  Join OLT and Mr. Schneider, Saturday, July 19th, 6 pm - 10pm.
Fetterley Forest Photography Hike
See Fetterley Forest in a whole new way - through the lens of your camera!  Join OLT, OCCA and local photography experts in a "walking workshop", Friday, July 18th, 5 pm to 7 pm.


Brookwood Point


2014 Photo Contest

Check back here for 2014 Photo Contest information!

My Story

What a noble gift to man are the forests! What a debt of gratitude and admiration we owe for their utility and their beauty!

— Susan Fenimore Cooper, Rural Hours (1850)

When Henry David Thoreau sat down in his cabin to write Walden, he very likely consulted a copy of Rural Hours by Susan Fenimore Cooper. The daughter of James Fenimore Cooper and granddaughter of the founder of Cooperstown, spent a year observing the human and natural landscape around her beloved Glimmerglass—the name her father used for Lake Otsego in his Leatherstocking Tales—and set her observations in writing for future generations. Her work developed the themes of nature and conservation that her father first introduced in his early American novels.


Our Efficiency

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